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Here is our collection of web sites and web pages which, hopefully, you may find useful. We have included links for various other products and services which are not necessarily related to vintage Tamron products. All links are provided for informational purposes only; we neither endorse nor have any control over the content presented within these linked third party web sites or web pages.

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Tamron's Corporate Web Sites (plus helpful links found within these web sites)
Tamron Co., Ltd. — Tamron's Japanese web site.
Tamron Europe, GmbH — Tamron's European corporate web site, with headquarters in Germany.
Tamron Industries (H.K.) Ltd. — Tamron Hong Kong. (Link not working — site possibly merged with Tamron China in Shanghai?
Tamron Optical (Foshan) Co., Ltd — Tamron's China web site, with headquarters in Shanghai.
Tamron USA, Inc. — Tamron's US web site.
Tamron International Distributors — A full list of all Tamron distributors.
Tamron T-mount, Adapt-A-Matic and Adaptall Lenses — Index of these very old series of lenses (Google translated).
Tamron Adaptall-2 Lenses (1979 to present) — Index of all Adaptall-2 lenses (Google translated).
Tamron Adaptall-2 Mounts — List of all currently available Adaptall-2 mounts which are still in production.
Tamron Japan Discontinued Products List — Index of discontinued Tamron lenses.
Non-Repairable Lens Index — Index of all non-repairable vintage Tamron lenses (Google translated).
Tamron USA Service: 35mm Lens Repair Policy — A link to Tamron's authorized USA repair stations, plus service terms and conditions.
Tamron Lens Hoods
Tamron lens hoods — A nice cross reference chart of Tamron lens and lens hood model numbers.
Tamron Adaptall and Other Interchangeable Mount Systems, Other Lens Mounts
Features and Operation of the Ka Mount — Important reading to understand why the aperture setting doesn't show up in Pentax digital cameras when using Adaptall-2 lenses with a Tamron Ka mount and apertures faster than F/4.
Matt's Lenses: Tamron Adaptall-2 System — Information on various Adaptall-2 mounts. Keep in mind that some of Matt's notes about various Adaptall-2 mounts are not entirely accurate.
Olympus Tamron Adaptall-2 Mounts [PDF] — Very important documentation regarding the usage of Adaptall-2 mounts with Olympus OM-3 and OM-4 series cameras which feature spot metering. For these cameras, you want to use a Tamron Adaptall-2 OL mount instead of the OM mount. Read why.
T4 For Two! — A history of the alternative T4 interchangeable mount system. Needless to say, Tamron countered with their much more refined Adaptall-2 mount system.
SLR Lens Mount Identification Guide — A fairly comprehensive guide for identifying the lens mount on a lens.
Lens Databases and Information
35mm MF Prime Lenses — Huge table of manual focus prime lenses produced by virtually every manufacturer over the past three decades.
35 mm MF Zoom Lenses — Huge table of manual focus zoom lenses produced by virtually every manufacturer over the past three decades.
Cult Classics in Third Party Lenses — Robert Monaghan's specific page with information about vintage Tamron lenses which have received "cult classic" status.
Manual Focus Lenses — A web site which is dedicated to providing information about older manual focus lenses. Site includes forums and photo galleries.
Nikon Lenses — Summmary of Nikon lenses, serial numbers, and specifications. This site is a good place to start if you are trying to identify older Nikon lenses based on their serial numbers.
Third Party Lenses Resource Megasite Home Page — Robert Monaghan's really huge web site, loaded with tons of helpful information.
Using Manual lenses with EOS cameras — An excellent web page which provides information about adapting a variety of older manual focus lenses to Canon EOS camera bodies.
Vivitar Lens Manufacturers — Stephen Gandy's list of Vivitar lens manufacturers based on decoded lens serial numbers.
Lens Test Reports
Amateur Photographer Test Reports — The Amateur Photographer Magazine test report section of their web site. — UK site where you can pay to either order printed test reports or download test reports for lenses produced by a variety of manufacturers. Reports are from Amateur Photographer magazine.
Mirror Lenses - how good? Tamron 500/8 SP vs Canon 500/4.5L — Needless to say, the very expensive Canon lens will outperform any mirror lens, but the Tamron 500mm mirror lens still stacks up fairly well in Bob Atkin's comparison tests. What Bob didn't notice is the on-axis astigmatism in the Tamron lens which is clearly seen in the USAF test charts when comparing horizontal and vertical line groups. Thus Bob's Tamron 500mm mirror either has been mishandled in the past or is optically defective. My SP 500mm mirror shows perfectly round diffraction rings when examined on an artificial star using 100x magnification.
Modern Photography Catadioptric Lens Tests — Comparisons of mirror lenses based on Modern Photography's resolution and contrast tests.
photodo lens test data cgi — Type in a lens brand (e.g. Tamron) or lens focal length (e.g. 28mm) to view graphs of photodo lens test results. This cgi script was compiled by a university professor and really is quite useful.
Instruction and Service Manuals for Cameras and Lenses
Camera Manual Store — Has original manuals for various Tamron lenses. — Has original manuals for various Tamron lenses.
Free Minolta Manuals — Resource for free instruction and repair manuals for Minolta manual focus, Maxxum and Dynax cameras, lenses and accesories.
Various Repair, Parts and Conversion Services — (You are here!)
AI Conversions for Nikon Lenses — Performs conversions of older Nikon lenses to AI. — Replacement leather kits for vintage camera bodies and auto winders.
Lens Tech — Repair services for vintage camera lenses.
Micro-Tools — Huge selection of camera repair tools.
Collector's Web Sites and Pages
CameraQuest — Stephen Gandy's CameraQuest web site. This guy is serious about collecting vintage rangefinder cameras! Stephen also has tons of photo equipment for sale and offers repair services for camera bodies. This is a very fun web site to visit even if you are not into rangefinder cameras.
Casual Collector Vermont — Bill Salati's very nicely done web site for various vintage cameras and lenses.
Photo Arsenal Collector's Service
Rokkor Files — A "must see" web site if you are a Minolta fanatic.
Photography Web Sites and Forums
Ajax News and Feature Service — Features marine & specialist photo image archives, online prints & photography related books by photojournalist Jonathan Eastland, and blogs on various subjects. The company has a huge picture library of virtually everthing which is maritime, marine, travel and photographic related. Other interesting picture libraries include the Ajax Vintage Library of early 20th century images, and the Vosper Thornycroft collection of images related to one of the oldest shipbuilding companies in the U.K.
Introduction to close-up photography — A very nicely done "How To" with regards to close-up (macro) photography. — An online community for Olympus four thirds digital camera owners. — A non-commercial website which provides Minolta AF mount DSLR camera owners the opportunity to share their experiences with others. Since Konica-Minolta is now no longer in the consumer photography business, this site is an excellent resource for owners of Konica-Minolta's products.
Flickr - Photo Sharing — Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application. Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and privately show photos to your friends and family, or blog the photos you take with a camera phone.
Manual Focus Forum — A forum dedicated to users of manual focus lenses. — The online home of the Popular Photography & Imaging and American Photo magazines. Site features tests and reviews, buying guides, how-to tips and techniques, photo galleries, forums and contests. — An online community with more than 100,000 active members and a lot more casual visitors. The company started in 1993 and strives to be the best peer-to-peer educational system for people who wish to become better photographers.
PhotoCamel Photography Forum, Gallery, Contests — An online photography community.
Photodo photo news, articles and tests — A web site which is all about lenses and lens technology. Site features reviews, news, specifications and articles to help you choose and use lenses on your SLR or medium-format camera.
photoSIG — Acommunity of photographers and photography enthusiasts ranging from amateurs to working professionals. Members may critique photos that have been submitted by other users and may also submit their own photos for review by the community.
photoSIG Lens Photos — This link takes a while to load, but displays a very comprehensive table of photos taken with various OEM and after market lenses.
Photography Stores
Camera Hunter — A camera store which is dedicated to vintage camera equipment.
Focus Camera
Heritage Cameras, Ltd. — A U.K. based eBay PowerSeller which specializes in "classic" used SLR cameras, lenses, converters, flash units and accessories. The company is composed directors with over 30 years of experience in the photo retail business and has been trading on eBay since 2001.
Hunts Photo and Video
KEH Camera Brokers — Used camera equipment megasite.
Camera, Lens and Accessory Manufacturers
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Contax Cameras
Formatt Filters
Hakuba USA
JTL Corporation
Lens Clens
Minolta USA
Olympus America Inc.
Quantum Instruments Inc
Sunpak (Japan) — Sunpak is a brand name owned by Tocad Energy Co., Ltd. of Japan.
Sunpak (USA) — Distributed by ToCAD America, Inc.
THK Photo Products, Inc.
Three Bond — Japanese manufacturer of a variety of adhesives, including the adhesives which are used for securing screws and retaining rings within camera lenses.
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