Tamron T Mount Series Lenses

T Mount (and very old Fixed Mount) Lens Index

Lenses are sorted by focal length. Fixed focal length lenses are listed first, followed by zoom lenses.

Lens Description Model Introduction
35mm F/2.8 T mount 460 1961
58mm F/1.2 T mount 380 1960
135mm F/2.8 T mount 680 1962
135mm F/2.8 fixed mount 680AR 1962
135mm F/4.5 T mount 280 1958
135mm F/3.5 T mount 860 1963
180mm F/3.5 T mount JH-35 1963?
200mm F/2.8 T mount 360 1960
200mm F/3.5 T mount 870 1963
200mm F/5.9 T mount F0-59 1963?
200mm F/6.3 T mount F0-63 1963
250mm F/4.5 T mount FG-45 1963?
300mm F/5.6 T mount 670 1962
300mm F/6.9 T mount S0-69 1963?
350mm F/5.6 T mount 750 1963
400mm F/5.6 T mount 340 1960
400mm F/6.9 T mount F0-69 1963?
400mm F/6.9 T mount Unknown 1963?
400mm F/7.5 T mount 490 1961
400mm F/8 T mount Y0-8 1965
450mm F/8 T mount 880 1963
55-90mm F/4 T mount PZ-50 1964
80-250mm F/3.8 fixed mount PZ-20 1967
95-205mm F/5.6 T mount PZ-60P 1965
95-205mm F/6.3 T mount 910P 1961
95-250mm F/5.6 T mount PZ-10II 1965
200-400mm F/6.3 T mount PZ-70 1965
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